Beatnik Film

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Foto & instruktør (Ole): 28 11 91 01
Klip, post & Lyddesign (Flemming): 31 45 09 07
Producent (Kristian Luc): 26 12 90 18

Arnel Dedic / portræt

Forgive and you will be forgiven.

Arnel Dedic grew up in war times. Friends became enemies, families torn apart. Arnel was threatened at gunpoint, trying to find his father behind enemy lines.

His gentle mind, strong personality and ability to believe in everybody. Has taken him far - now coaching one of the best basketball teams in Denmark. Arnel is living proof, that a positive mind and forgiving view on life can heal all wounds.

Idea & production: Beatnik Film

Director: Ole Udengaard

DP: Ole Udengaard

Edit: Flemming Mørk

Postwork: Flemming Mørk

Sound design: Simon Jørgensen